Max Payne Was Cuffed With His Pants Down

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Bryan Silva, also known as gay-for-pay performer Max Payne was arrested Sunday, “with his pants around his ankles for allegedly abducting his 17-year-old girlfriend.” Silva’s teen girlfriend had escaped the house and called the police. It is alleged Silva threatened her with a gun and warned he would shoot police officers if they broke his barricade. He had a bond hearing yesterday ahead of a March 3rd trial date in Orange County on abduction charges and possession of a firearm.

Silva’s claim to fame is this Vine he posted where is he mimicking gun noises. What a talent! He gained 400,000 followers for these very six seconds. The fact that this has been watched more than 18 million times goes a long way toward explaining why Donald J. Trump currently has a 17 point lead in the most recent NBC poll.

max payne brian silva arrested
As Max Payne, Silva filmed two scenes for NextDoorTwink. While I do find even the white trash-esque circumstances of his arrest totally believable, the part I am having difficulty with is the fact anyone ever paid him to be gay. While I don’t wish to be unkind, I think even Stevie Wonder can tell this dude crashed head first into the ugly tree and hit every branch on his way down. It doesn’t matter how big a dick is if the face attached to it would still be a boner killer even in a lead-lined paper bag. Or maybe that’s just me.


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I’m an not sure how much Hunter Page received for having to do this scene with Max Payne … but it couldn’t possible have been enough.

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Considering his “gay porn career” is but a painful footnote in the memory of his two unfortunate co-stars, seems fitting his introduction to the international audience he clamored for was also achieved with his pants down.

There’s only one thing left to add …

max payne brian silva arrested

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