Want To Feel Better? Easy. Jack Off More!

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“You either need to stop masturbating, start using reading glasses, or get yourself a white cane and a dog named Pepper,” my ophthalmologist informed me during my last eye exam. Without waiting for an answer, he handed me a prescription for some new specs. Of course that “going blind” bit from jacking off is as old as “hairy palms.” Even ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told the Al Jazeera Network that masturbation causes, “hands to become pregnant in the afterlife.” Suprise, suprise: he is misinformed. And now we have science to prove it.

ScieneAlert.com breaks it down for us:
On a very basic level, it releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter that activates the ‘pleasure centre’ in your brain, and endorphins that actively decrease your perception of pain. For women, that means it can actually reduce the pain of menstrual cramping. Plus you’ll get a surge of the hormone prolactin, which will help you fall asleep afterwards.

Men in particular seem to benefit the most, with high ejaculation frequency correlating with a decreased risk of prostate cancer, says the video above. Scientists aren’t yet sure why, but maybe all that ejaculating is clearing more carcinogens out of the prostate.

Our friends as AsapSCIENCE, known for answering the weirdest questions of the world, add a little — but important — caveat, “if you don’t “mix up your techniques”, you could actually render yourself unresponsive to other types of sexual stimulation when you’re not alone. So what you do on your own time is your business, but just know that if you feel like getting a little sexy, don’t worry – science has got your back.”

And as our friends at Randy Blue reminded last April, jacking off isn’t something only to be done while watching others fuck. Seeing Dominic Santos working his own big fat dick, finger his own puckered hole — and suck his own knob — is a stand alone masturbatory event if there ever was one …

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