“We’re All We’ve Got, Babyface”

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The emotional intensity and a sexual prowess displayed by Trent Ferris and Marco Montgomery will blow your mind — and your load.

“Greasers” from NakedSword Originals again delivers the visceral grittiness that provided its inspiration, “The Outsiders”, it’s sexual edge and timeless appeal.

In a display of some genuine acting chops, Trent Ferris and Marco Montgomery mix vulnerability and desire in a way that us both rooting for them — and needing to see them fuck at the same time.

trent ferris marco montgomery greasers nakedswordMarco Montgomery is a stunner. Save a couple of scenes, this is his first big studio production and someone to watch for. Trent is far from a newcomer. But it’s not often you see him matched up and charged with putting a guy his own age though their paces. Although they are brought together by situation that got out of hand, Trent has everything, including Marco, well under control today. Very well.

trent ferris marco montgomery greasers nakedsword“We’ve got to look out for ourselves now. We’re all we’ve got, babyface.” Indeed they do. And they do so in a way the reaches down and grabs you by the balls and hangs onto them to the end.

trent ferris marco montgomery greasers nakedswordThree words describe Trent Ferris in this scene: rock, hard, and relentless.

trent ferris marco montgomery greasers nakedswordA dirty garage floor juxtaposed with two beautiful boys is the perfect setting them taking out their pent-up sexual frustrations on each other. Or more specially, all over Marco Montgomery.

[Watch Marco Montgomery & Trent Ferris in “Greasers” scene three]


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