The Irony of Marc Jacobs’ Naked Instagram slip

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Fashion designer Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a naked photo on Instagram which he quickly deleted. Clearly he meant to send it to someone as a direct message but posted it to his stream instead. The media just loved a celebrity nude, so everyone jumped on the story — posting screen-grabs of the image and essentially slut-shaming Marc for accidentally showing the world the side of his ass and the tip of his dick.

marc Jacobs naked instagram

The irony of it all is that ever since Marc started working out and transformed his body a few years ago, he hasn’t exactly been shy about showing it off. In fact, I’m sure he’s the type of guy that if you asked him to show you his ass, he would gladly oblige. He’s dated two porn stars (the porn star formerly known as Harry Louis and bareback star Jason Preston), and he even posed (mostly) naked in a perfume ad and on the cover of Out Magazine:

marc jacobs naked marc jacobs naked instagram










So, really, what’s the big deal? If he hadn’t deleted the photo, no one would have cared, probably. Plus, it’s not like he’s not even showing us his hole or hard-on or anything in the pic. Marc looks great. So … good for him. If someone has a pic of his hard-on, send it along … otherwise, can we move on please?


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One response to The Irony of Marc Jacobs’ Naked Instagram slip

  1. Joseph Singer July 2nd, 2015 at 3:24 PM

    It really is no big deal. It’s only because he’s a “celeb” that people are tsk tsking this. It’s a naked man who’s showing his ass and if you get excited about seeing the head of a man’s peen you are easy.


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