RL Boyfriends Manuel & Mick Exceed Their “Two Dick Minimim”

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This dark, anything-goes watering hole already smells of beer, leather, and sweat. And not long after closing time, Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone add another scent to the mix: cum. Lots and lots and lots of it.

mick stallone manuel skye flip fuckMick and Manuel are not relegated to the backroom. They can do as they please since it’s a quiet night. Or at least, it was. The silence is broken by primal moans as Mick they make an early Easter dinner out of each others’ baskets front and back. Then against the pool table, Manuel spreads his legs wide to get every inch of Mick’s dick.

mick stallone manuel skye flip fuckMoving to the bar, the roles reverse as Mick bends over, taking Manuel’s cock from behind. As Manuel picks up speed, Mick’s ass ripples with the powerful collision of flesh.

mick stallone manuel skye flip fuckThe intense pounding brings Manuel to the brink. This is just the beginning of a spectacular cumshot that leaves Mick’s back drenched in his lover’s seed. Then Manuel gets on his knees and takes Mick’s load right to the face. And we’re just getting started. Here at “Two Dick Minimum”, everyone runs a tab.

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