Logan Moore, Josh Moore, & Rick Roman Do The Fiancé DP

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This is a first. Gay porn couple and future husbands Josh Moore and Logan Moore invite Ricky Roman to the pre-martial bed where he is both the appetizer and the entree.

logan moore josh moore ricky roman double penetrationDP’s, while not pedestrian, are not something you see every day. We saw it a few weeks ago, and CockyBoys does it again: they pull off a DP and a three-way where the action flows so organically it intensifies everything we see.

logan moore josh moore ricky roman double penetrationAfter everyone’s cocks were on the buffet table for eating, The Moore Fuck Train Express took off with Ricky fucking Logan while Josh slipped in Ricky’s caboose.

logan moore josh moore ricky roman double penetrationBefore long, Logan finds himself riding Josh’s cock while Ricky rides his until Ricky climbs down and slides his cock into Logan’s tight ass alongside Josh’s. Then, Ricky kneels between them, the Moores’ blow their loads all over Ricky’s face. They take Ricky to the bed and finish him off. But I think he still could have gone for Moore.

[Watch “Logan Moore get’s DP’d By Josh & Ricky” at CockyBoys] [Watch the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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