The Tax Man Cumeth

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Bennett Anthony thought his next client was at the door. Turned out it was a bill collector from Uncle Sam. And since no ass-ets are off limits to the Tax Man …

bennett anthony liam knox titanmenSince one of Bennett’s supposed deductions on his 1040 was for a very post-childhood tonsillectomy, Liam is duty bound to make sure that indeed, they have been removed. They have. Along with his gag reflex. Though I’m sure the later was long gone before this year.

bennett anthony liam knox titanmenLiam then buries his beard deep in Bennett’s furry ass before burying his dick right down to the balls.

bennett anthony liam knox titanmenBennett climbs on top of his top for some freestyle dick riding before Liam knocks him on his back. Bennett’s bone bounces against his abs until Liam prods a nut out of him. Then Liam leaves his business card in the form of a white puddle on Bennett’s crimson pubes. And that, guys, is you satisfy the “TaXXX” man.

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