Raging Stallion’s Arabesque: Bjorn Again?

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When we
covered the filming of Raging Stallion’s Arabesque in late July, the reaction was passionate — rarely have I seen porn fans so aggressively question the nature of race, fantasy and the erotic. You can see the raw material from that shoot on both NakedSword.com’s Tim and Roma! Show (now available as a video podcast!) and on a special co-produced NakedSword.com/Raging Stallion documentary, The Making of Arabesque.

If the first installment (there are four) of The Making of Arabesque lacked the hardcore action I’ve come to love from Raging Stallion behind-the-scenes docs, the latter ones positively sizzle with sex. (I first got into the RS documentary style — hardcore sex that puts the anal in banal — with 2003’s Plexus Hardcore. Michael Brandon fluffs the actors, Chris Ward shoots the sex and a mystery cat wanders the dank halls of the set. Really mixes the erotic with the tragicomic, just the way I like.arab-gay-porn-Arabesque-pic-francois.jpgBack to Arabesque. I brought it home for the holidays (twas silent in my bed, save for the spinning of the disk in my laptop). It’s hard to squeeze in three hours of digital sex while drunk and hiding under the covers, but I’m amazed by the gorgeous men and the stunning set pieces. Raging Stallion has worked hard in the past year to assemble a rich, multi-ethnic look — Nuyorican Manuel Torres, Sino-Cracker Cory Koons, uncut Aussie Remy Delaine, terrible Turk Huessein, tattoed Frenchman Francois Sagat, to name a few — that echoes and even improves upon the work of directors like Kristen Bjorn and Jean-Daniel Cadinot.

gay-porn-arabesque-raging-stallion.jpgDirector Chris Ward has been telling me over and over that this is the best movie he’s ever made. While this is usual promotional behavior — and boasting — from directors with a new movie out, this time, I’m inclined to agree.





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