Randy Blue’s Boxer, Briefly

Posted January 3, 2006 8:57 PM by

randy-blue-cole-gay-amateur-porn-01-boxer.jpgThe love of men in uniform is nothing new — if anything, gay porn is rife with cliches of heroic and hung firefighters, nasty cops, helmeted football stars and randy military grunts. When I came across RandyBlue’s video of Cole Sutter — professional boxer, amateur porn star — in his satin boxing trunks and handwraps, knocking the speed bag like he was pounding an ass, I knew he was more than your standard-issue Cinderella Man… Watching a boxer work out– floating like a butterfly with fists flying furiously — works up a sweat in both the viewer and the performer. Men like Cole eschew show-pony Abercrombie’d gym muscles, for hard-won callous-raising sinew. Back in high school, I used to get hard just watching the sports teams doing push ups, straining their pecs and triceps to the beat of the bark of an over-testosteroned coach. If I’d had a digicam, I’d have had masturbation material for life. Thanks to Randy Blue — and Cole Sutter — I don’t have to miss a beat.