Wesley Woods Gets The Ultimate In Lip Service From Ken Rodeo’s Ultimate Lips

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_275-dvd-ciover“I was excited to be back in San Francisco,” Tony Dimarco shared exclusively with The Sword. “Expanding out of Vegas & Tahoe and back home, where it all began.” “Wild Weekend” is a plot based feature where the sex is an integral part of advancing the storyline.

_210 bakcd-cioverWith the entire cast and crew on location together for part of the ten-day production, some of the pairings didn’t happen until six or even more days in the future.

The realization of that built up sexual anticipation really helps explain the fireworks we see on the screen.

The first element of the story is a world famous underwear model, Ryan Rose. Add in Jason Maddox, their horny buddies, and a couple of Euro hotties eager for as much American cock as they can get.

And when that all goes down during San Francisco Pride, you have all of the ingredients for one “Wild Weekend”.

ken rodeo wesley woods wild weekend falconIf you could condense a wet dream into a forty frame animated gif, this is what it would look like.

ken rodeo wesley woods wild weekend falconWesley Woods resume as a burgeoning power top just came up in conversation yesterday. The conversation today said by Wesley himself is often while gritting his teeth, “Arch your fucking back. Arch your fucking back,” being one such example.

ken rodeo wesley woods wild weekend falconWesley’s pounding makes Ken explode all over himself and Wesley moves to takes aim. First splat, the chin. Then the tongue. Wesley proceeds to cover those luscious lips with the rest of his load. Then he bends down and shares with it with Ken in the ultimate lip lock.

[Watch Ken Rodeo and Wesley Woods in “Wild Weekend Part 1” scene one] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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