Top Model, Gay Porn Star

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bertini gay porn pic copy.jpgJust when you thought the staff of America’s Next Top Model couldn’t get any gayer, witness Bertini (far right). The would-be South African dancer got a little TOO into a spicy shoot on the niche hit reality show. Of course, we saw him first … when he auditioned for gay porn soap Wet Palms.

Bad-touch Bertini was accused by a crocodile-teared Keenya of brushing, moaning and otherwise acting sexy on last night’s episode. I thought I recognized his crazy green eyes, but it wasn’t until I saw him in a leopard skin thong that I made the gay porn connection. bertini gay porn audition pic.jpgJust think, if he weren’t bookending whining teens for Tyra, he could have been the filling in a Rod BarryJason Adonis sandwich. Just think, rather than feeling up anorectic youth, he could be supping at the southern end of new Wet Palms star Marcus Iron.

In a stunning bit of coincidence, the latest episode of Wet Palms debuts on today.


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