Unsaintly Acts In A Very Saintly Place

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Got Milk? Ken Rodeo Does. His blow-up doll lips get hydrated by Josh Milk’s milk. And that’s only after his other set of lips gets a risky rooftop invasion.

It was obvious from the very first frame: “Kiss And Tel Aviv” from NakedSword Originals is one of the most beautiful gay porn films ever made. Last week, it was Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray crashing their nearly perfect bodies together in the crashing waves.

This week, Ken Rodeo and Josh Milk are uninhibited by the surrounding buildings and construction sites. It’s not that they are unaware of the potential prying eyes. It’s that they are too horny to stop now.

ken rodeo josh milk nakedswordSteeped in millenniums of historic conflict, the physical footprint of Israel is about equal to that of New Jersey, the fifth smallest US state. Almost 44% of the population resides in Tel Aviv. Finding a secluded stretch of beach or hidden rooftop in that city is virtually impossible. But for true exhibitionists with balls of steel like Josh and Ken, the danger of getting caught in a foreign land only amplified their hormones.

ken rodeo josh milk nakedswordA day of sightseeing around the city only prolonged the view they both really wanted: that of each other naked. And once they stepped foot on the roof, they didn’t stop making out to get naked. They multitasked and quickly, Josh’s dick was getting acquainted with the back of Ken’s throat. Then Josh’s windpipe got a visitor of its own.

Josh stands, gets Ken in a lip lock, bends him over, and mounts him to the balls in one long, steady push. The pushing becomes pummeling as Josh picks up speed and Ken grits his teeth and surrenders to being Josh’s fuck toy.

ken rodeo josh milk nakedswordOnce Josh flips Ken over, they can’t take their eyes off each other. The creaking of the wooden couch only gets drowned out by Ken moaning, “fuck me”, while exploding all over his chest and abs. Immediately after, Josh pulls out and soaks Ken’s luscious lips and pretty face with his load. Josh leans down, licks up his seed, and feeds it back to Ken in the only kind of snowball that doesn’t melt in the desert. L’hitraot | להתראות | See you soon!

[Watch Ken & Josh in “Intimate in Israel”, scene two from “Kiss And Tev Aviv” at NakedSword]

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