When An Ass Fuck Goes Nuclear

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Even the phrase “power-top on steroids” doesn’t accurately capture the sheer force behind the ass battering Andre Donovan gives Johnny V’.

Yes, “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” from Falcon has been filled with one powerful scene after another.

But remember this fifth scene.

In the future, it’s likely to have “one of the gay porn scenes of the year” attached to it.

andre donovan johnny v falconThe same time JJ Knight’s dick was welcoming Blake Riley back to the blue screen last time, Devil (Dean Monroe) had dispatched his Dark Angels to earth in search of the one who crossed him, Rogue (Skyy Knox). With a wave of the Angel’s hands over anyone’s head, a mind meld reveals what they know. And when Andre’s hand passes over Barfly (Johnny V), he finds what he’s looking for. And something he must have.

andre donovan johnny v falconIn a dark booth, equal parts of sinister and sexy manifests itself with lips and tongues where bulges hold the promise of what must be given and taken. Barfly is focused on Andre’s tower of a cock while Andre lets his fingers begin his journey.

andre donovan johnny v falconNot just a nuclear fuck, but a nuclear rim job also is introduced today. It’s not just Andre eats Barfly’s alabaster hole. It’s more like he uses his tongue to open it from the inside out.

andre donovan johnny v falconAs Andre is running his cock across Barfly’s ass, it’s all Barfly can do to keep from screaming out, “fuck me.” This isn’t Johnny V talking, this is power-bottom who has met his match. The sweat glistens off their bodies as Andre fucks the hell not out of, but into, Barfly.

andre donovan johnny v falconDoggie leads to riding as Andre surges up as Barfly slams down. The pummeling makes Barfly unload all over Andre’s quads. Then dutifully on his knees, Andre covers Barfly’s face in the seed of the devil. Andre disappears. Barfly nods off and awakens to wonder if it was all a dream? But the reality becomes clear when Barfly realizes there is something around his neck that wasn’t there before. Not to mention the resulting nuclear waste.

[Watch Johnny V & Andre in “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” scene five at Falcon]

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