JJ Knight’s Massive Dick Can Fix Anything

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When Connor Patricks is almost mowed over in traffic, good Samaritan JJ Knight literally cums to his rescue.

jj knight fucks connor patricks urban spokes falconAfter taking Connor’s temperature with the fattest thermometer on the Bay, JJ demonstrates one of his greatest talents: They’re rim jobs — and then there’s JJ Knight feasting on a hole. And what a tasty hole Connor has for him.

jj knight fucks connor patricks urban spokes falconOnce JJ presses the head of his cock right on Connor’s slicked up rosebud, Connor was arching his back and JJ pressed forward until they were locked together from the inside out.

jj knight fucks connor patricks urban spokes falconIn one fluid motion, JJ picks Connor up and spins around and lands them both on the couch. His cock still inside Connor’s ass, Connor starts thrusting with legs, using them to lift himself up and down while his cock throbs handsfree. When JJ reaches around to cop a feel, Connor shoot a massive load then JJ explodes all over his chest.

With one filling complete, JJ fills Connor in on what happens at “Urban Spokes” after hours. Together, they start the countdown to sunset.

[Watch Connor Patricks & JJ Knight in “Urban Spokes” scene three at Falcon] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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