Son Of Porn Royalty Blackballed From Kindergarten

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Jay Grdina’s son was blackballed From kindergarten because the ex-Mr. Jenna Jameson used to work in porn. I kid you not. Jay married Jenna Jameson in 2002. They divorced in 2006 and sold their company, Club Jenna, to Playboy Enterprises for the princely sum of $25 million. Jay went on to even bigger fortune founding the NOHO hangover remedy drink. He also married supermodel Erin Naas, had two adorable tots and settled down for “happily ever after” in Scotsdale, AZ – or so he thought.

His past came back to haunt him. Well, not really him. But it sure spooked the folks at the Scottsdale Christian Academy where 5-year-old Jayden should be right now.

The end started with an email …
“Unfortunately after a final review during our admission process, we are now unable to provide admission.” was the email Jay received the day before son Jayden’s first day.



In addition to “God’s design for marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” TMZ reports other foundational issues include “legal vices,” including gambling, tobacco and alcohol.”

Adds the Daily Dot:

“I already had three nephews that attended the school, two of which graduated with top honors,” Grdina told TMZ Live in a taped interview. “So I really didn’t think it would be an issue, especially for myself. We went through the full interview process starting in December of last year. I mean, they had plenty of time to do their background research.”

Even multi-millionaires and kindergarteners, it seems, are not exempt from the stigma that surrounds the adult industry. The Grdina family told TMZ they plan to sue.

Now this might lose some rancor, coming from someone preparing to celebrate Rosh Hashonah, but standing the way of the education of a five year-old just doesn’t sound very Christian to me. Oy vay.

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