The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

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Before Big D Construction closes up shop for their summer break, Jack Hunter gets his basement remodeled by the biggest tool in the company: Jason Vario’s.

gay porn star jack hunterJack Hunter’s gag reflex has long been a thing of memory. By the time Jason finished smoking Jack’s pole, so was Jason’s. Gotta love a top who loves to take a nose dive on a huge dick. But Jason had another orifice in mind. Once he munched Jack’s hole, he slammed him balls deep. Emphasis on the deep.

gay porn star jack hunterJack didn’t just ride Jason. His ass inhaled Jason’s cock while his own bone gyrated a full 360° fast enough to practically kick up the sawdust from the floor.

gay porn star jack hunterEver the lusty yet generous top, Jason flipped Jack on his back and stroked Jack’s cock until Jack took over so Jason could drill even faster. The accelerated drilling meant Jack was soon filling his abs with a big white puddle. Then Jason straddled Jack’s face and with a “Boom”, gave him one last taste of summer.

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