Jarec Wentworth, Will West, Drew Damon, & Ashton Star

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The GayPornBlog Gay Porn Star Birthday Club for October 2, 2015: Jarec Wentworth, Will West, Drew Damon, and Ashton Star

Jarec Wentworth – 26
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Sadly, Ryan Idol and Mike Dozer are far from the only gay porn models celebrating another birthday behind bars. Jarec Wentworth aka Teofil Brank was well on his way to parlaying his physical beauty and sexual charisma into true gay porn super stardom. Then his career, and life, was sidelined by averous greed.

After bilking Magic Jack founder Donald Burns out of $500,000 in cash and an $180,000 Audi R8, he went back for another million. Burns went to the FBI, the case went to trial and Jarec Wentworth was found guilty. While Jarec might be negotiating a blow job for cigarette ring behind bars, he leaves behind an impressive array of fucks, cream pies and sore holes from his extensive filmography at Sean Cody and Men.com. Jarec is scheduled for sentencing on October 26 and faces up to 15 years in prison. To see Jarec Wentworth at his best, his scene with Duncan Black in aptly titled “A Wicked Game” is as infamous as he is.

Will West
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Will West is your classic hairy, lean dad who likes his sex often, raw, and multi partnered. Will West is sought after stud in the fluid loving set and is one of the favorites at Hot Desert Knights.

Drew Damon
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Drew Damon is a tall, lean thick-dicked handsome hunk who worked from 1998 – 2001. Long before the advent of the internet and daily updates, Drew Damon appeared in some high-profile productions for Falcon, most notably “Fever” and “FULLfilled.”

Ashton Star – 29
jarec wentworth videos
Ashton Star is a big-dicked cutie who made a few Falcon titles including “Longboard” with Dean Monroe, Jesse Santana and Brodie Sinclair.

Additional Birthday Greetings …
jarec wentworth videos
GayPornBlog also extendeds best wishes today to Indy and Max Stone.

Happy Birthday Guys!

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