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Happy Monday everyone. At most, I am taking a moment of personal privilege here. At least, I’m taking a moment to make an important acknowledgement. While gay porn is the part of the world that makes up the universe here at GayPornBlog, sometimes things from the other parts of the world are so profound we too feel the impact.

The Paris tragedy. The guys that did that are the same guys that do this to guys like you and me:

How those guys are successfully dealt with in a long-term strategy is going to an issue for next President and the House and Senate that have to carry it out effectively. Our votes have never been more important in determining how our country shapes the clash of two civilizations and its lasting impact on the world.

Before you can evaluate the candidates and their plans on handling ISIS, you have to understand the conflict. Ezra Klein lays it all out in about five minutes for

It’s a very complicated situation that makes it more important than ever to keep the idiots out of office. The Oval Office and every elected office right down the line. Who, if not whom, the next President gets to appoint to the Supreme Court could have profound effects for generations.

My dad used to say, “decisions are made by those who show up.” It’s time to show up here as we stand with our friends in Paris as Madonna did Saturday night following an emotional speech during her Stockholm concert.

The very freedom we in the United States of America enjoy to produce, film, watch, and critique gay porn then come together here to discuss it in a public forum is something I usually take for granted. Not today though.

Je Suis D’espoir | I Am Hopeful

Speaking of gay porn, the hoe must go on. There are some porn stars about to have a birthday party and I’m the master of ceremonies. Back to GayPornLandia! See you all over there!


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