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VIDEO: Edji Da Silva and Brandon Jones

I’m sort of obsessed with Edji Da Silva. It might be because Edji DiSilva (Edji?) doesn’t speak English. Or speak much at all.

Take this interview clip, with thick-dicked Johnny Venture. Venture won’t shut up, but Edji (Edji??) just stares at him like he’s a talking pork chop.

Which, frankly, Johnny Venture sort of is.

VIDEO: Edji Da Silva and Johnny Venture

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Edji (????) looks like Mike Dreyden, fucks like Jean Franko is as inventive with positions as Diesel Washington. Take his full scale assualt this weekend on Brandon Jones’ ass:

VIDEO: Edji Da Silva and Brandon Jones

VIDEO: Edji Da Silva Model Page


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