The Intersection of MMA & Gay Porn

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In this battle for sexual supremacy, there are no real losers. Not Ian Greene. Not Ryan Rose. And not us.

ryan rose ian greene mma gay pornLike last week, the winner gets to fuck the loser. Also like last week, the bouts are very well done and firmly establish the sexual grudge match that plays out during the bulk of the scene. This isn’t a pointless 69. Ryan gets his cock lubed by the back of Ian’s throat as Ryan’s fingers then tongue do some lubing of their own.

ryan rose ian greene mma gay pornHe makes this look easy. It’s anything but. Standing over Ian, Ryan fucks Ian like a jackhammer, pile-driving his cock against Ian’s g-spot by bouncing himself on his quads. All the while, he’s slamming into Ian without every missing a beat.

ryan rose ian greene mma gay pornSwitching it up, gravity assists Ian grinding Ryan’s cock deeper inside. Ian covers Ryan’s abs with his load with Ryan still inside him. Then, Ryan grabs his meat and gets in his TKO in the form of a heavy wad slapping across Ian’s face. And match.

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