I Have Prosopagnosia, But For Dicks

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Half the time that I find someone who gets me off on Sean Cody, I find out that been getting off to him for months. Call it Gay Porn Blindness, or write it off to them all looking the same. Take this one, for example:


Maybe you’re better perverts than I am. I’ve been watching him for nearly a year, and posted about him a few months ago, and still it takes me til I hit his videography that I realize who it is.


It’s Jess, the gay porn star with a name and penis both meant for ladies. Only a month or two ago, he was fucking Jamie — the NAVY Seal with natural bouyancy.

This time, he was fucking someone else who’s name I already forgot, but will no doubt come back to molest with my eyes next month. The computer tells me his name is Lance. Is it my fault that White Devils all look alike? Would it be too much to include an Italian in the mix?




One the other hand, my focus hasn’t exactly been on his face.

Jess and Lance Hardcore
Jess and Lance Behind-The-Scenes


Sean Cody Drills NAVY Seal Ass

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  1. tom September 2nd, 2010 at 5:07 AM

    That ass being fucked is one fine ass!


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