Hillary’s Bold LGBT Policy Includes PrEP

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Like President Obama and many we now count as our biggest champions, Hillary Clinton’s evolution on LGBT has been both profound and remarkable. I do believe the gay community is beholden to Secretary Clinton for her speech at International Human Rights Day in Geneva on December 6, 2011:

hillary clinton gay rights

As candidate Clinton, the former Madame Secretary has dug in the heels of her sensible pumps on continuing the fight for the rights of the gay community. And she’s getting specific about it. Her campaign has just released Fighting for Full Equality for LGBT People, a very ambitious and comprehensive LGBT policy platform.

As the Washington Blade reports;

But the document announces a few new initiatives, including ending “ex-gay” conversion therapy for minors; expanding the utilization of HIV prevention medications, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP); and supporting efforts in the courts and federal government to clarify under federal statutes “sex discrimination” constitutes discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.”

hillary clinton gay rights

Secretary Clinton delivering her ground breaking speech in Geneva: 12/6/2011

For transgender rights, Clinton pledges to protect transgender people from violence in a record year record for murders throughout the country; streamline processes to allow transgender people to change their gender marker on identification documents; and educate police officers on identifying bias-motivated crimes.

“As president, I will continue to fight so that LGBT Americans and families can live, work, and pray free of discrimination. I will not settle for anything less,” Clinton said. “It is unacceptable that LGBT kids continue to be discriminated against and bullied at school, a restaurant can refuse to serve a transgender person, and a same-sex couple is at risk of being evicted from their home. We have to do better. And it’s why I will continue to fight so every person and every family is treated with respect and dignity no matter who they are or who they love.”

While those on the other side of the aisle have pledged to undo our right to marry, Hillary Clinton is addressing LGBT youth homelessness, seniors, families, bullying, anti-gay torture and PrEP. As JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president for policy and political affairs for the Human Rights Campaign reminds us, “And on the other side, we’ve seen an unprecedented level of vocal opposition to LGBT equality from vowing to overturn marriage equality and rushing to Kim Davis’s side to treating transgender people as a punchline.” It’s time for a candidate with balls and one thing for sure, inside Hillary’s pantsuit are a pretty big pair.

As my dad used to say about elections, “decisions are made by those who show up.” 325 days until we elect a new President.

Fighting for Full Equality for LGBT People is a forward thinking and inspiring. I recommend adding it to your weekend reading list.

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