Hairy Men in Hawaii

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I’m not a size queen and Lane Fuller shouldn’t take this the wrong way, but the claim on his bio that his penis is 7.5 inches is ludicrous. That said, I’m totes sweating Mr. Fuller these days.

NakedSword has named handsome Lane as their June “Dream Team” member (not coincidently, they’re also running Falcon’s lush, Hawaiian adventure Drenched — starring Fuller — all month).

But back to the hair. Post-twink Lane Fuller now sports a fine fur pelt that’s extremely attractive. He’s got nice nipples, too. He looks like a real man these days, like he could be your straight roommate. And he still knows how to suck cock — even when confronted with Brad Patton’s monster trunk.

Lane in Drenched:

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  1. joe lopez May 29th, 2007 at 9:20 AM

    hell yeah hes hot hes the hotest gay man


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