Seven Daddies Locked in a Sex Club: “Hairy Hunx” by Alphamale/Eurocreme Studios

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hairy hunx by alphamale eurocreme studiosWhen I was a young lad figuring out this gay thing, I had a recurring fantasy that played out in my head while I was delivering my newspapers: I was a king with magical powers, and as I dropped a newspaper in each door, I thought about transporting the man inside (or not, if he wasn’t to my liking) to my private island where we’d live and play together forever. What a perfectly horny little fantasy.

Hairy Hunx from Alphamales/Eurocreme conjures up a similar fantasy. I can’t think of a more perfect cast that this crowd of masculine daddies, so many of my favorites too. Nothing could be hotter than being transported to London’s legendary sleaze spot The Hoist and being locked inside with this brood of horny men.

hairy hunx by alphamale eurocreme studios
Hands down, hairy daddy Butch Grand is my fantasy come true – handsome, balding with cropped hair, a dark beard, and strong hairy body, not to mention a good-sized dick that he uses to fuck Ray Stone. The two men find themselves alone in one of the club’s back rooms and they gulp dick and eat ass until Stone finally hooks his legs over the arms of a big wooden chair and Grand stuffs his hairy butt.

hairy hunx by alphamale eurocreme studios

Carlo Cox and Rocky Torrez play in scene two, Trojan Rock bends Dane Hyde over in the third, and Butch Grand is back in the final scene, but this time he bottoms for handsome daddy Tim Kelly.

Hairy Hunx, from Alphamales / Eurocreme , 2007. Directed by Maxwell Barber. Starring: Butch Grand, Carlo Cox, Rocky Torrez, Trojan Rock, Dane Hyde, Tim Kelly, and Ray Stone:

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