Guys Gone Wild: Gay Porn Gets Mainstream

Posted July 1, 2004 2:47 PM by with 4 comments

According to MSNBC, the crazy kids behind Girls Gone Wild are producing a new reality porn line called Guys Gone Wild aimed at “college-aged girls” and, oh yeah, gay guys.

Look for drunken frat boys dangling their limp trade in your mailbox any day now. (Thanks for the tip, Sis.)

“Starting July 13, three titles will be available on DVD and video through a Web site and an 800 number: “Guys Gone Wild,” “Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break” and “Guys Gone Wild: Frat Boys.”

The stars are young, good-looking guys who aren’t shy about taking it all off and letting it all hang out. They gyrate like strippers, do push-ups and, in one memorable scene, bounce up and down on their hotel room beds while tossing a football back and forth.”

4 responses to Guys Gone Wild: Gay Porn Gets Mainstream

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