Grindr’s Dirty New Emojis: More Swipe, Less Type

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Not that dirty is ever a dirty word at The Sword. But now, Grindr’s new emojis make it possible to get dirty without ever typing a word.

In the ever-competitive gay app game, Grindr launched a new set of emojis with their latest update which now make it possible to hook-up playing Pictionary.

Top. Bottom. Into. Big Dick. Little dick. Jockstraps. Now this app has a toon for that.

grindr dirty emojisNow you can label a bitch basic without spelling it out – not that anyone would ever be rude on Grindr. I do, however, wonder, just how many injuries might result from too many “bottom bunks” crashing into each other.

grindr dirty emojisFrom PrEP to cut dick pics to catfished, the new emojis are nothing if not comprehensive.

grindr dirty emojisTwerking. Jerking. Gay Voice. Right down to “4:20” which no, is not a reminder for daylight savings time.



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
celebritycock jude moore max georgeOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!



grindr dirty emojisMarried cock. Eating ass. Size queen. They have you covered.

grindr dirty emojisThough it’s mostly white characters, there’s even a nod to diversity.

Of course, not everyone is fan …

Maybe they have a point.

Or maybe, they’re just taking a swipe at Grindr instead of on Grindr.

Useful? Offensive? Just a gimmick? What do you think of these?

And now … back to our regularly scheduled pornography.


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