Sexy Griffin Barrows Falls Prey To Sebastian Kross

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Griffin Barrows controls his airway to swallow Sebastian Kross’ big dick down to the balls for nearly ten minutes. Then he surrenders his ass for rest of their time in the dungeon

griffin barrows sebastian kross rough trade hot houseWith nothing but an open mouth and a three-point black leather harness, Griffin obediently falls to his knees. Sebastian’s uninterrupted skull fucking produces a puddle of spit on the floor like any proper cock worship session should. Then it’s Sebastian’s turn.

griffin barrows sebastian kross rough trade hot houseSebastian starts with Griffin’s sensitive head and licks his way up. After tonguing that hole almost as intensely as the deep throating he just received, Griffin’s hole was quivering. And Sebastian’s cock was leaking. By the time the rise-and-grind riding that follows is finished, they are both covered in sweat and ready for more.

griffin barrows sebastian kross rough trade hot houseSebastian uses the chains of the sling to pull Griffin deeper onto his cock as he thrusts forward with a punishing speed. The pounding forces a huge load out of Griffin. Sebastian nut is even bigger and he fires it on Griffin’s cheeks. Too good to go to waste, Sebastian scoops it up, feeds it back to Griffin then drops down to taste his own seed.

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