Good GOD That Thing Is HUGE: YLJ’s Mario Costa

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YouLoveJack, a site known for lanky alt models with impossibly huge dicks, decided to change it up a bit up this time around by featuring their first Latino model, Mario Costa. But his ethnicity isn’t the difference I’m referring to — it’s his freakishly huge dick. It’s a gift that hasn’t gone unnoticed by studios like Falcon, where it was put to good use for a scene in Road Trip Vol. 2: Santa Cruz.

While there’s something to be said for the immediacy of an inexperienced guy’s awkwardness in front of the camera, a charming quality of most models on YLJ’s roster, there’s no denying that a veteran who knows his best angles makes skipping through the slow parts unnecessary. Sure, with a dick that Mario can hardly wrap his hands around, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to enjoy every second of this video, even if its for the sheer novelty of seeing all the effort it takes to get a few good squirts out of the hefty 11-inch piece of uncut meat on him; that he’s a really cute guy with a perfect tan and cheekbones, that I’m sure all the other YouLoveJack-ers would kill to have, is a plus.

Clip and more photos after the jump.

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