“You Gonna Clean My Pipes Big Strong Plumber Man?”

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Preston Steel has it bad for his plumber. When “My Husband Is Gay” opens, Preston is hanging out in his kitchen waiting for the repair man to arrive. And there’s the knock at the door. It turns out that plumber Wesley Marks has been there a couple of times already, and this time he finds a couple of spoons stuffed in the drain. So he quizzes Preston about all the pretend pipe problems.

Once the guys establish that Preston is married to a high-school girl friend for appearances only, and he’s been dying to get the plumber’s cock in his butt, Wesley and Preston start making out. The guys kiss and grope as they help each other out of their clothes and the plumber gets to work on Preston’s dick.

Preston kneels and gives Wesley some head, then he’s squirts lube in his hand and bends over to gets his pipes cleaned. They fuck for a few minutes and head into the living room where Wesley sucks Preston’s dick and then bends him over the coffee table.

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For the finale, Preston lies back in a comfy chair and Wesley fucks him to the finish line. He pumps Preston’s hole and finally asks, “You wanna cum for me?” And after Preston unleashes his cream, he lets Wesley sit back in the chair and sucks him off. Wesley is quite the cummer and shoots vigorous strings of jizz all over his smooth belly.

Danny Brooks, Dustin Fitch, Kelan Carr, Preston Ettinger, Alex Andrews, Patrick Kennedy, Gabriel Steele, and Tyler Andrews all appear in “My Husband Is Gay” featuring married men looking for gay hookups. One cruises Craig’s List, another calls in the computer repair man to remove pesky gay porn from his laptops. These married men might have a ring on their finger, but they like a cock up their ass too. Watch “My Husband Is Gay” at NakedSword.

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