GHB? Say It Isn’t So, Uncle Jesse

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Our friends at TMZ are reporting that John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse, will be charged with driving under the influence of GHB.

john stamos ghb

John Stamos, shown Feb. 22 at the AIDS Foundation Oscar party. (Richard Shotwell / Invision/AP)

Stamos was arrested in June when cops spotted him driving erratically in Beverly Hills. Authorities say Stamos was so messed up they took him to the hospital. We’re told testing revealed there was GHB in his system, along with another non-narcotic drug.

Stamos went to rehab almost immediately after his arrest and completed his 30-day live-in treatment successfully.

TMZ adds that “Stamos sources say the actor was taking the drug to “lean out body mass” as he prepared for his new TV show. The drug is used by bodybuilders for lean muscle, and for a level of sleep which helps muscles recover.”

I would be tempted to say “Sure, Uncle Jess,” but looking his Instagram post marking his 52nd birthday…

At 52, proof I put on my undies like everyone else… one leg at a time. #mydepends

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Or this one …

#TBT Put on a happy face. Literally. #Cabaret.

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Or this one …

Important to get heart check up echo stress – regardless one having an "outie" or not.

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John Stamos is definitely a man who takes care of himself and he even likes to cuddle …

Suddenly I am in the mood for something Greek. One John Stamos to go please. And don’t wrap it up. I’ll eat it now.

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