Getting “Ricky” With It

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“Less is more” can be true in many instances, but almost never in porn. Almost being the operative word when that porn is filmed by Pascal for Maskurbate. Pacal first filmed Ricky in a pretty sexy fireman fantasy. In his second shoot we discovered Mrs. Ricky and today, we get to see where they live. More importantly,we get to see the kind of man Pascal lives for with Ricky’s big uncut “Eiffel Tower” and abs that look like they were carved out of granite. As for the cumshot, that wasn’t carved out of granite,might it might have been siphoned from a lake.

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From Maskurbate:

After visiting Brad’s place, it is now time to visit Ricky’s. It’s a cool thing to watch our most popular models in their own environments. This reality series, ‘At home with…’, says a lot about who they are and what they really like. I also find that they perform differently at home. They are more relax and weird to say but, their cumshots are much bigger! Shooting Ricky at his home made me feel like a voyeur. That’s exciting! Enjoy!

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