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There are the cutesy names that, pardon the expression, cum and go, in gay porn by the bucket full. At year’s end, there is usually but a handful that truly the potential to become marquee names. Those are the one that in additional to the physical attributes, possess that undefinable charisma and screen presence that sets them apart. Kyle Kash is one of them. He is in the new scene tomorrow from Fame Game and frankly, I can’t wait.

Kyle Kash made his NakedSword Original debut in Summer of Sweat just a few weeks ago. He has the rare ability of being so comfortable in his own skin that he invited the camera in with being seemingly unaware of its presence.

gay porn star jason maddox
Co-star Jason Maddox expertly maneuvered a swoop-down-and-suck while maintaining a full throttle ramming of Kyle Kash’s ass. That included Kyle raising his dick up to meet Jason Maddox’s lips. And that required two people who have the ability to truly connect.

kylekash 11
Those rear assets speak for themselves and make me want to speak in tongues. Kyle Kash told GayPornBlog, “before the shoot date. I work certain muscles more than usually to get them to pop more on-screen.” That clearly includes included his glutes. What’s popping on the flip side is looking pretty delicious too.

Shooting Fame Game will definitely go down in my mind as one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling scenes I’ve done so far. I got to work with mr. Pam, Killian, my brothers Mickey Taylor and Bray Love, Boomer Banks, and the wonderful crew at Nakedsword. I was honored to be asked to be a part of it and I am EXTREMELY proud of the masterpiece that is Fame Game! ~Kyle Kash

fame game free gay porn video

I asked Kyle about the production experience, “mr. Pam is always a revelation. She’s so skilled in finding way to bring out the inner sex freak in all of us.”

gay porn star kyle kash

And clearly, he has great taste in blogs!

See you tomorrow for the premiere of scene two from Fame Game!

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