Gay Porn Weekend

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More gay porn to tide you over the weekend…

NakedSword‘s Tim and Roma Show (free) leads our round-up of the best in new online gay porn this week, if only because a scheduling snafu resulted in me dressing up as a 72″ penis on behalf of the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health. Gay Porn stars Jason Branch and Troy Punk round out the cast.Raging Stallion has just released a bunch of movies online, including the aptly titled Terms of Endowment with monster-donged Michael Brandon in the lead role. His cock, if you’ve somehow missed it, is long and legendary. At one of the trade shows (no pun intended) he let me suck on a silicone replica of his “Monster,” a feat in and of itself. Also worth checking out with Mr. Brandon? The mean and foul jail cell that staffed by Cops Gone Bad.

gay porn pic-michael brandon.jpg


gay porn bootstrapYeah, yeah, yeah … Mike’s go a hardon for Raging Stallion. There’s more to the world out there, dear. If you’re into porn of the offline variety, do check out Falcon’s latest, Bootstrap, the first in their Guest Director series, where Hot House auteur Steven Scarborough returns after a long-ass time. Steven got his start at Falcon, afterall, and Falcon’s latest opus, Bootstrap is really the most.

Chi Chi’s Channel 1 Releasing is giving them a run for their money with two releases this week: “Hardware” — a Technical Ecstacy-style sex and machine romp starring J Hazzard, Joshua Adams, Jordan Vaugn, Randy Gunz, Daniel Duarte, Chad Thomas, Marc Williams, and Rob Romoni. I was also excited to get their gorgeous special edition 2-disc set for “Köllide”, a German militaristic fantasia filmed on location … somewhere (Germany I think). Stars Channel 1 Exclusives Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Jan Fischer and Tristan Bennet, along with Steve Cannon, Joshua Adams, and hot euroboys Denny Martin, Cristoph Scharff, Jason Hawke and Thom Barron. Also features Cory Koons doing his best impression of a urinal cake. Hot.


4 responses to Gay Porn Weekend

  1. strongarm May 6th, 2005 at 11:28 AM

    I love Michael Brandon. Battle of the Big Dicks is one of my favs, that guy sure knows how to FUCK.


  2. Brandon Fanatick May 6th, 2005 at 11:38 AM

    Once I saw Michael Brandon and his Monster at a Gay Porn Convention. Michael Brandon is just as hot IRL as he is “on screen”. Michael Brandon signed an autographed photo “To My Biggest Fan, Love Michael Brandon” and I keep it next to my cum rag in my bedrooom. That Man is SO HOT. Michael, I wish I could have that HOT COCK to myself one day and not just a picture. I really am Michael Brandon’s biggest fan since Michael is the BIGGEST porn star by FAR IMHO.


  3. Bob J May 16th, 2005 at 6:56 AM

    he so good looking, hes the coolest i love cummin over him. Nicest cock


  4. anal June 5th, 2005 at 2:43 AM

    mike has a BIG DICK i want to touch it and i love this site


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