Gay Porn Pride

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Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. But is Gay Pride a sin? Perhaps … when (as I just witnessed) it amounts to a bunch of hucksters a-hawkin’ meat on a stick and rainbow-colored whatsits to throngs of tourists who just spent three months salary on a trip to San Francisco to be marketed to by lube and pharmaceutical companies.

gay porn prideAll World’s “Pride,” the first of their very ambitious “Seven Deadly Sins” series makes me proud to be gay. Sure. The bodybuilding covermodel Duke Miller (pictured left) gets fucked by Chad Donovan in the last scene and takes his 12 inches like a pro. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway: Chris Steele, Spike, Nick Young, Jackson Price. and a couple of Director Dirk Yates’ military boys make this one a must porn prideBut as far as Gay Pride is concerned, the most exciting thing about being gay, for me, is the ability to go cruising whenever I want. I enjoy getting laid on my lunch break. Bad transitions aside, Falcon’s “Cruisin’: Men on the Make,” a brilliant pre-condom Steven Scarborough flick (circa late eighties), has plenty of bad fashion choices and fucking hot man-on-man action. The scene where Troy Mackenzie (pictured right) gets pounded by Jack Lofton’s legendary trade on the stairs is the kind of scene that made Falcon into the esteemed brand it is today. Troy is the type of boy I would pine over in high school — white sweatpants and all. If you haven’t seen this movie … wtf?


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