Gay Porn Outtakes: Lords of the Jungle Gets Graphic

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gay-porn-dvd-lords-jungle-cover.jpgDeep in December it’s nice to remember the fire of September that made us mellow. Or hollow. Or hard.

After three months in post-production, the Lords of the Jungle shoot that we covered during a hot week in Hawaii is finally online. I’m curious to see the finished product — there’s a big difference between capturing behind-the-scenes footage and seeing the inches-from-ass POV of the cameraman. I’m not sure which is more intimate, so I guess you’ll have to be the judge.

One of the reasons I was so keen to work with Raging Stallion on the behind-the-scenes footage was because they routinely make behind-the-scenes features that are hot and hardcore enough to get me off. Paradise Exposed, Plexus Hardcore and The Making of Arabesque all managed to capture aspects of life on the set that convey the weird, surreal heat of a dozen pornstars in too-close-for-clothes quarters. Think the Real World Denver is psychotic and oversexed? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Check it out:

The Making of Lords of the Jungle
Gay Porn Dispatch: Lords of the Jungle
Pre-orders for Lords of the Jungle 2-Disc DVD

(Lords of the Jungle debuts online next week on


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  1. Jamie Looking in MN. December 10th, 2006 at 7:31 PM

    What happened to the nice Boy and/or Man in gay porn. RAISE YOUR HAND if you would like to have SEX with any one from LORD’S of the JUNGLE. Whatever I would be so SCARED..


  2. Gwathadan December 11th, 2006 at 12:07 PM

    Well… I’d love to, sincerely


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