Gay Porn Awards: Lucas Sweeps GayVNs

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gay-porn-dolce-vita-boxcover-gayvn-pic.jpgWhile technical difficulties are keeping me from getting you the photos from the GayVNs until later today (is it possible that computer servers are as hung over as we are), last night’s GayVN Awards were historic in more ways than one. Of course, the big story — Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita swept every category in which it was nominated, besting the previous record holder (Buckshot Productions Buckleroos which nabbed 11 two years ago).

gay-porn-award-winner-gayvn-velvet.gifKathy Griffin (pictured above) was raunchy enough to earn herself an GayVN as an “Honorary Gay,” the designation of NakedSwordsWoman (complete with actual Sword) and a role in Folsom Filth 2: Ladies’ Night (okay, I don’t have proof yet on the last one). The D-List ginger took on Aaron Carter’s alleged problems with methaphetamine, molested Erik Rhodes onstage and generally having a riotous time with “her gays.” When presented with option of being a top or bottom, Ms. Griffin politically chose “middle,” which I believe means she likes it in the vagina.

minute-man-28-gay-porn-pic.gifOf course, to many involved the entire weekend was a bit of a blur, beginning with the COLT 40th party (COLT Man Carlo Masi jumping out of a cake!) and ending with NakedSword’s debaucherous afterparty (Roman Heart go-go dancing! Chad Hunt and Barrett Long fluffing each other by horse stables! Brent Corrigan looking sexy — and suspicious! Me slipping in a puddle of Belvedere and Red Bull! Oh, the decrepit glamour of gay porn — how I love you!)

gay-porn-box-cover-manhattan-pic.gifFor a full list of winners (including Hot House’s excellent Justice (Best Oral) and Rascal’s Delinquents (Best Renting), check out the GayVN site or check out other award-winners (like Dark Alley/Pitbull Production’s The Show (Best Ethnic), Collin O’Neal’s Lebanon (Best Pro/Am), Raging Stallion’s Manhattan (Best Ethnic – Latin), COLT’s minuteman 28: Peak Experience (Best Solo) or Falcon Studio’s Spokes 3 (Best Group) online. Proof of quality, after all, isn’t in the judges hands — it’s in ours, right?)


3 responses to Gay Porn Awards: Lucas Sweeps GayVNs

  1. dan February 26th, 2007 at 9:20 AM

    i saw Harlow at “W” crossing the lobby into the elevator moments later Brent Corrigan and some older man crossed the lobby into the elevator as well…did they fuck (Harlow & Brent) because the older man was carrying what looked to be a black Sony Camera case
    i wonder how this movie turned out?
    stay tuned lol


  2. kostas February 26th, 2007 at 3:29 PM

    hey guys i’m new to this thanks for your work !!


  3. Chuck February 27th, 2007 at 12:31 PM

    Le sigh… I was really hoping Colby Taylor would win Best Actor, but oh well… At least Matt Cole won Best Newcomer!


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