Gay Porn and Horny Poolboys

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joey-stefano-pic.jpgMy head’s all stuck with pool boys. Jack and I are handing over final draft of the second half of the first season of Wet Palms to Brett and Tim on Monday. So I’ve got chlorinated water on the brain.

The pool boy is a staple of gay porn — heck, it’s a staple of Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele and desperate housewives. Sun-baked, lithe, young, crammed into tight shorts — and so fucking horny that they’ll play hump the host like a quarterhorse out of the gate. By nature the poolboy is disposable. A good fuck. Eye candy. Perfect.

Porn, as it turns out, is really the pool boy of media. Sex on demand. This realization does not negate the fact that I still don’t have a pool. Or boy. In other words, here’s what I’ve been wanking to:

Plunge: Joey Stefano in a pre-condom classic rife with Speedo worship. Director Steven Scarborough (now of Hot House) directed this Falcon classic.

Poolside with Dean Phoenix: Who wouldn’t want to be? Stunning videography, loads of hot sex and, of course, Dean Phoenix.

Porn Struck: Filmed at the All Worlds Resort, Dirk Yates’ crew uses its pool to maximum capacity.


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