Sex Sells: Gay Porn Stars Push NakedSword’s Loaded

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jereks_gay_porn_boyfriends.jpgIn the decade since Danni Ashe launched Danni’s Hard Drive and started a porn-Internet revolution, porn companies have had to get increasingly sophisticated about getting viewer’s eyeballs (and actual balls) to their sites. First there were banner ads and hosted galleries, then later, there were free clip galleries, stealth peer-to-peer clips, link farms and endless spam. For porn consumers, it’s the old Seamen’s lament: “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” Who knew it’d be so hard to find the actual porn?

To break through the clutter, top video-on-demand-site has gone retro with a (gasp!) actual commercial. The site — which has gone from membership to pay-per-view and back again in the past few years — recently announced it’s revamped membership site with an infomercial featuring the site’s infamous Tim and Roma. As charming as they are, however, personality only goes so far. Luckily, Falcon exclusives Aden and Jordan Jaric and newcomer Tristan Jaxx were on hand to spice things up, and stayed around for a filming of the duo’s eponymous show.


The Jarics on Tim and Roma (launches in Real Player)
The Jarics: Gay Porn’s First Monogamous Couple? (Gay Porn Blog)
Tim and Roma Get Loaded (featuring the Jarics, free,


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  1. Anonymous October 3rd, 2007 at 3:32 AM

    Thought bubble over Roma’s head: “These are exclusives?”


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