Gay Fisting Videos: Has XXX-treme Porn Gone Mainstream?

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Skuff_II_poster_art.jpgSometimes I confused as to what’s normal. All I do is look at gay porn and sex sites. And next week Jack and I are in LA all week with the initial Wet Palms shoot. Woot. Not to mention that, thanks to Steven Scarborough and Michael Lucas I have a weekend full of gay fisting videos to get through.

See for yourself with Mr. Scarborough’s GayVN-winning Mo’ Bubble Butt with perennial Gay Porn Blog favorite Dick Wolf:

56k|100k|350k (free gay porn clips courtesy first fisting video that really got me off was Casey Donovan and Al Parker‘s classic scene in The Other Side of Aspen. Al really starts shaking his arm and Casey looks like he’s in seventh heaven.

I got a copy of Auditions from Michael Lucas yesterday that features a real ass pig named Frederico who fist-fucks himself before having Michael Lucas go spelunking for his prostate. There’s also a good deal of piss and cum-eating in the porn as well, so evidently Mr. Lucas is branching out.

Of course, the real master of the genre is Steven Scarborough and I’m not just saying that ’cause Hot House publicist Roma asked me to. I don’t think there’s anyone in the industry disagrees. Hot House Entertainment has built a really successful studio on what was once thought of as just a niche market in gay porn.

Anyway, Scarborough has one of the dirtiest minds on the planet and he produces videos which really are closer to Fear Factor than Red Shoe Diaries. He really pushes the limits of anatomy, like Dennis Cooper minus the creepiness.

Hot stuff. I’ve never had the pleasure. We’ll see what the weekend brings – it’s the Dore Alley Fair, not mention Will Clark’s Bad Boys By The Bay party, so ANYTHING is possible.


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