Guard Gets Busted Kissing Male Inmate

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“He did his job; he was a very caring person and he always volunteered, and did extra things for people … he came here and he worked hard.” is how Tompkins County Sheriff said of a corrections officer who hastily tendered his resignation from Tompkins County Jail in Ithaca, N.Y.

gay prison sexIt seems the unnamed officer was caught making out with a male inmate while the jail’s captain was giving a tour to officers from other facilities last week. Gulp – even in prison, timing really is everything.

Tompkins County District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson told the Daily News she’s investigating whether a crime was committed. “I believe that any person incarcerated in any kind of jail is legally incapable of giving consent for contact,” Wilkinson said, adding, “Under the law, kissing is sex.” Right now, she’s in the process of investigating whether there were incidents with other inmates. The officer’s name will be released if he is charged with a crime and his future in law enforcement will be sealed with a kiss.

(h/t NY Daily News)

And since nothing foster penal rehabilitation like fucking with the prisoners …

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