Joey D & Kyle Kash: American Muscle Spunk

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We ended last week with the latest with Kyle Kash that became an instant contender for scene of the year. The week before came to a close with Joey D at American Muscle Hunks. Today, we open the week in one of the best possible ways. Both of them together.

gay muscle worship
Standing next to Joey D and flexing is no joke. Joey D is the living symbol of everything American Muscle Hunks represents. How enviably etched is Kyle Kash? They don’t come to my mind as the most obvious pairing. I like the way Joey D thinks. They sure look good together. And we get to see them do a lot more than pose.

gay muscle worship
Little primes a man to want to fuck like working out. American Muscle Hunks is about capturing those post work-out sex session and turning them into porn. Not the other way around. Testosterone calls the shots here. Not a script. Joey D’s mass brought out Kyle’s worshipful side. Kyle’s cuteness brought out Joey D’s playful side. And together, they made each explode.

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American Muscle Hunks Adds:

This week, Kyle Kash is initiated as a HUNK. Kyle and Joey D have been flirting on social media for a long time. Their chemistry is palpable. They begin by a serious make-out session where Joey and Kyle gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss with such passion. Lying Kyle on the bed, Joey slowly kisses his body as the two undress.

Kyle’s beautiful hole invites Joey’s tongue as he devours it and then Kyle sucks Joey’s massive cock. Joey then bends Kyle over and pounds him from behind before he puts him on his back and makes him blow his huge load. Joey finally pulls out and deposits his hot jizz all over the smiling Kyle.

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