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You got married after DOMA, and now you’re feeling the seven-year itch a few years early. Put down the Grindr — we’ve hand-selected clips that will keep you from doing something you regret. Duncan Black, Paddy O’Brien and 11 other chastity preservers, after the jump

1. Dale Cooper and Austin Wilde
Some of us dream of a mustache ride from Dale Cooper, others just invite him over and he buries his face in our ass. No big deal. Right, Austin? More …

2.  Paddy O’Brien
The Sword guessed the correct number of moles: Men.com released this behind-the-scenes video where Paddy O’Brien first learns he’s going to bottom for Topher DiMaggio. More …




3.  Nick Sterling
If you haven’t seen a lot of Nick Sterling scenes lately, maybe you should check out the Randy Blue cams, because he’s holding court. More


Newcomer Claude Sorrel for Bel Ami

4.Bel Ami
You know Bel Ami’s sex training farm? Turns out it’s not an urban legend. This week, Tom Pollack breaks in newcomer Claude Sorrel. It’s really hot, but if we’re really being honest, I couldn’t keep from turning back to the “documentary” of Lukas Ridgeston’s recent nude photo shoot. More …

Duncan Black in Brother's Husbands

5. Duncan Black and Four Mystery Cocks
I mean, it’s like a Shiva of cocks. Can you really go wrong? More …
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