It’s a G’Day To Be Gay!

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Tony Abbott glares at replacement Malcolm Turnbull

Tony Abbott glares at replacement Malcolm Turnbull

Gay Marriage Australia is no longer an mutually-exclusive concept. When marriage equality arrived to the US this past June, it intensified the calls for equality around in the other nascent countries of globe – no more so than in Australia.

There was a big problem down under and his name was Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott was the Australian Prime Minister. Abbott has been one of the major road-blocks to same-sex marriage in the country which is supported by around 70% of the population – including 88% of under-25s and 55% of over 55-year-olds. Despite this, Abbott refused to allow a free vote on the issue of marriage equality.

In other words, he had the social enlightenment of Mike Huckabee and the political chops of Rick Perry. Most importantly, he no longer has a job.

Malcolm Turnbull will become Australia’s 29th prime minister after ousting Tony Abbott. Turnball is a long time supporter of LGBt rights and marriage equality. He has promised to allow the vote on the issue in the Australian Parliament has Abbott blocked in every way possible.

Malcolm Turnbull is a millionaire former banker whose socially liberal views including support for gay marriage and climate change are at odds with some of his fellow conservatives. Enlightenment has road blocks down under as well.

LGBTI campaigners expect Turnbull would allow a free vote in parliament – likely delivering marriage far quicker.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said: ‘Having the leaders of both major federal parties supporting marriage equality would be a first and we hope it would set the reform on a positive path forward.

‘Should Malcolm Turnbull become Prime Minister we will seek an urgent meeting with him to chart an appropriate way forward on a reform that he knows is important and urgent.

For our friends down under, this is a remarkable news and a bright, shiny beacon of hope.

You can lend you support by following #WeCanDoThis on twitter.

One country at a time. But remember, guys, this isn’t over until the world over calls any union between two loving partners simply “marriage.”

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