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It’s hot as balls outside with the temperature breaking the 100-degree mark all over the world, so it’s fitting that our Naked Sword Film Works selection for August is one of the hottest and steamiest yet! Javier Ferreiro López’s sexy and moving new short porn-themed film ALFA premieres today on

If you’ve ever watched Caribbean gay porn, you’ve probably seen couples doing scenes together – a phenomenon that happens just as regularly in other porn as it does in Latin countries. ALFA uses this as a starting point for a raw and honest look behind the scenes of Cuban porn. Alfa, the film’s main character, used to perform exclusively with his partner, Yerry, and together they became one of the hottest and most popular couples in the studio. But after Yerry passes away, Alfa doesn’t know how to handle his absence or pick up where his life left off. When he makes a decision to return to porn for a new shoot, he embarks on a challenging, Viagra-filled journey to come to terms with Yerry’s loss and move forward.


When asked what he hoped Naked Sword audiences take away from ALFA, director Javier Ferreiro López replied, “I hope they’ll take away a love story set in a world of sex seen from an unprejudiced perspective. A personal vision of the Caribbean gay porn world full of passion and latin bodies.” Indeed so many of those bodies are so very hot that you’ll be just as moved by the sexy Cuban hunks as you are by the emotionally moving experiences Alfa has to deal with in the film. Sex and serious drama – it’s all you need for a good movie.

alfa gay indie film nakedsword

alfa gay indie film nakedsword

ALFA has been making the rounds of the LGBT film festival circuit this summer. After screening at Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, less than one month ago, ALFA was quickly acquired by NakedSword. This makes it the newest film we’ve featured on our site to date. Why go to gay film festivals when NSFW is bringing the films to your computer screens?

In case you missed it, here’s the trailer. Let us know what you think of the film in the comments below!

[Watch ALFA at NSFW from NakedSword]


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