The Shooting Was News. The Fact A Gay Man Had Gay Porn Shouldn’t Be. And Now, Escort Allegations Too

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Gay discrimination in the media has achieved a new low this week. No, I am not talking about Rentboy – this time. You no doubt heard about it: yesterday in Virginia a reporter and camera man were gunned down on live television. Two hours later, it was revealed that the shooter, now also deceased, was enraged at the discrimination he faced as a black, gay man. I heard about it too. It’s not that I was pretending it didn’t happen or he wasn’t gay. Frankly, I thought it was a bit of a bummer and not exactly what you come to GayPornBlog for.

Today, however, I have something to say.

The shooter, Bryce Williams – aka Vester Lee Flanagan, is all over the news again. This time because a search of his apartment revealed he had, among other things, “unwashed sex toys and gay porn.”

I get it. The hetero-normative assumption will always be made unless informed otherwise as in marriage and “gay marriage.”

There are men and there are “gay men.”
There is porn and there is “gay porn.”

And now …

There are sex toys and there are “unwashed sex toys.”

Can you guess which headline is being splashed across the media today?

Inside Virginia shooter Bryce Williams’ home: sex toys, porn …


Inside Virginia shooter Bryce Williams’ home: Unwashed sex toys, gay porn …

This launches an erroneous, lurid falsehood into the national conversation: gay porn turns gay men into filthy, psychopathic murders.

The shooting was news. The fact a gay man had gay porn shouldn’t be.

And this just in … now the Root is reporting Williams may have been an escort.

Drops mic …

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