Hold Your Tongue: Gossip Is Gone At Gawker

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When I first wrote about for The Sword in July, I was pissed.

In a mini-scandal that’s kind of like Jarec Wentworth lite, porn model Brodie Sinclair decided to out a well-known but seemingly closeted New York media exec who tried to hire him, and Gawker went along with it for reasons of cheap tabloid fodder. This wasn’t a two-faced homophobe. This wasn’t a hate-spouting preacher on Grindr. But that didn’t stop Gawker.

gawker shifts to politics

Owner of Gawker Media, Nick Denton. Gawker’s motto is “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news.”(Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Ultimately, now Gawker Media’s executive editor and the editor of the Gawker site have both quit over the whole mess, claiming that the decision to pull down the post by Denton and his business partners was an unprecedented breach of their editorial integrity.

According to the NY Times, Gawker is shifting focus now from the world of celebrities to the ultimate reality show, American Politics. Howard Kurtz from Media Matter for FoxNews speculates the new Gawker will be a liberal “Daily Show” kind of take, jabbing primarily at GOP. Let’s hope so. They haven’t exactly doled out the kindest coverage for Hillary Clinton.

Gawker’s Nick Denton revealed part his strategy to MediaPost:

“Politics, writ large, has provided the scene for some of Gawker’s most recognized editorial scoops, such as the exposure of Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor, the bullying power of Fox News, the first questions about Hillary Clinton’s private email address and the jet-set partying of Bill Clinton with a convicted pedophile. Is there any doubt that the 2016 US presidential election campaign, a contest between reality-defying fabulists and the last representatives of two exhausted political dynasties, will provide rich new opportunities for sensation and satire?” ~Nick Denton

Considering Gawker’s political editorial policy is driven by the paradigm “that every single one of her (Hillary Clinton’s) Republican opponents would be apocalyptically disastrous presidents,” this could be fun.

Don’t worry if you are not sure where to get your gossip on from now on. As we have shown you here once or twice very recently, if it’s if the kind of thing that makes the world go “bahaha,” GayPornBlog may bring it to you first but always brings it to you best!

Heard any good gossip lately?

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