Gag Reflex? What Gag Reflex?

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“I swear every time I come out here; I get more and more gay. You guys just bring it out in me,” Robbie says to the Sean Cody cameraman. By the time they finished filming “Dean & Robbie: Bareback,” Dean was feeling the same way.

From the very first shirtless glance, Robbie was licking his chops over Dean. Once Dean saw Robbie’s cock, he made 8.5″ disappear along with his gag reflex.

Dean then lowered himself onto fat cock tower and began to ride as Robbie raised up from underneath. The speed and the echo of their flesh colliding sounded like a team of horses galloping at a fast clip. As for how it felt to Dean, just check out that “Look Ma, no hands” salute his dick is giving.

Dean sprayed like a fountain before they flipped and he fucked a huge load out of Robbie. Then he sucked it out, and shoved his dick back in again and kept fucking until he creampies Robbie’s hole for the second time.

[Watch “Dean & Robbie: Bareback” at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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