“Free Your Mind and the Sex Will Follow”

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NakedSword Originals “Berkeley” is an explicit account of what happens when horny students, rockers, first-timers, and rivals freed their minds. Now, come in for a sneak peek of the sex that followed.

We have taken a look at “Berkeley” in the making. Hot as the BTS pictures were, as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet. On and off campus, cruising the parks, and in the dark rooms of Steamworks Bath, “Berkeley” is a hard-core and culturally charged map of the sexual underbelly of this idyllic town nestled the Northern California hills.

Just free your mind and the sex will follow. That is brought to life in “Berkeley” by cast of hot men who were ready to fuck and delivered the goods. “Berkeley” also features the debut of the sexy, inked Cameron Diggs.
berkeley xxx

Cameron Diggs   |   Jed Athens   |   Dalton Briggs   |   Brendan Phillips

berkeley xxx

Ty Royal     |     Elijah Wood   |   Mike Maverick   |   Brennar Bolton

Just free your mind and the sex will follow …

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“Poster Boy” with Jed Athens and Cameron Diggs is the first scene from “Berkeley” and will premiere this Wednesday on NakedSword.

We’ll see you back here then for the trailer and walk through the scene together. Have a great weekend!

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