Kyle Kash In “Fame Game” Is Money

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At it’s most basic, a viable porn scene needs a model and a cum shot. At it’s most basic, a viable porn video presents four basic scenes that may or may not have anything in common together as a package. A porn movie distinguishes itself from just a video by having a story line tying the four sex scenes together. A true porn production, however, does something more. Fame Game is major porn production. The latest episode from NakedSword Originals, “Incriminating Evidence” with Kyle Kash and Killian James is another reason why.

The way the productions numbers forward the plot in a musical, the sex scenes in a porn production like “Fame Game” are not just cum filled and hot to watch, but also advance the plot telling why who is fucking who in the first place.

I asked Kyle Kash about this in particular, “Initially, I was supposed to be the top. But then Killian and I started talking we figured it made more sence for him to be the top, seeing as how his character is more vindictive and blackmailing me.”
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There is a reason for that smug look on Killian Jame’s face. He has the golden ticket for Kyle Kash’s golden ass and he intends to use it. Looking the part is easy … having the chops to pull it off is another matter.

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And pull it off he did. The deeper Killian James got into his character, the deeper his character got into Kyle Kash.

“I think the hottest moment for me was when Killian and I started to shoot the actual sex scene. We very intense and genuine connection. He knows how to pound and fuck in ways that surprised all of us on set. ” ~Kyle Kash

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Just look at Kyle Kash’s throbber jump off those killer abs as Killian repeatedly hits Kyle’s prostate with the accuracy of a professional baseball player at a junior high batting cage: every time and right on the money.

[See Kyle Kash Get His Golden Ass Royally Reamed Then Take a Load to the Face]

From NakedSword Originals:

Talent Producer Boomer Banks discovers Mickey Taylor singing outside the club and convinces Adam Ramzi to give him a shot – but the real action is happening backstage. Ramzi’s assistant Killian James catches sexy, chiseled, and allegedly sober stud Kyle Kash doing a key-bump in the dressing room. Killian snaps pics on his phone and tells Kyle the only thing that will save his reputation and get the photos to disappear is Killian’s cock up his ass.

Killian probes Kyle’s juicy butt with his tongue and fingers, making Kyle’s cock stand at attention. Killian sucks him deep then orders Kyle to bend over so he can fuck his ass. He pounds him like a jackhammer in three positions until Kyle shoots an enormous load. Killian pulls out and jerks his cock off into Kyle’s hungry mouth, leaving him with cum dripping off his chin – now that’s a picture!
[Watch the Full Feature]

Location, Location, Location and You’ve Gotta Have Art
Episode Two, “Incriminating Evidence” from NakedSword Originals Fame Game was filmed on the gay ground zero, Folsom Street in San Francisco. The location was none other than the infamous Powerhouse Bar. And that cool art work? Courtesy of nightlife artist Uel Renteria.

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