Kristen Bjorn’s 27 Man Mash Up

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Director William Higgins has high praise for him, “In the relatively brief history of hardcore gay videos, Kristen Bjorn has emerged unchallenged as the best director to date.” With an unwavering insistence of the highest possible production values, there is a true cinematic quality to each of his films. Kristen Bjorn brings those exacting standards to men he shoots. In “Action! Part 2,” he has assembled some of his favorite scenes — and 27 of his hottest models — in this epic review of his most ball-churning moments.

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From NakedSword:

As everyone knows, gay porn actors must undergo special training at the Porn Academy, run under strict military discipline, before they can start their careers as porn stars. As the world’s second most profitable business, it’s also common knowledge that everyone connected to the gay porn industry is a multi-millionaire.Who doesn’t know that super porn stars are constantly stalked by hot, devoted fans that are willing to do anything for an autograph?

In the big-bucks porn world of super-mansions and mega-yachts, aspiring actors must submit to the sexual demands of producers, directors, photographers, model scouts, and anyone else in the hierarchy of the chain of command in order to break into the business. And those few who aren’t lured into porn by fame and fortune are ultimately forced into the industry by more sinister means… Of course, it’s also a well know fact that all the lavish, multi-million dollar gay porn productions are financed by none other than the Russian Mafia. Those lucky Ruskies have to have their pick of the litter amongst the porn stars, and can do with them whatever they please!
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